Privacy Policy
We at oasys, are very particular in protecting our employees’ privacy and we value your privacy.
“Track” has a feature to take random screen shots of the active/ live Windows screen from the system at regular/pre-defined intervals for selected users. This will be used selectively basis the discretion of the team leaders / Project Heads / HR. We therefore request all users to refrain from doing any personal work in the computer system during office hours and not to open any of your confidential and personal files during the office hours.
“Track” will track employee usage of computers only during office hours (between check in and check out). Once you check out and exit the application it will not track or monitor any further until the next check-in.
“Track” is not taking any other data/personal data from your system and storing in our servers. Most importantly, “Track” will not affect your system performance and will not take much bandwidth to send the data. Please contact our team for test reports.